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Information About Giclees

The contemporary giclée has become a valuable part of the limited edition fine art world. Giclée, a word derived from a French verb meaning, "that which is sprayed by a nozzle", is an archival fine art digital print. Giclées are created by a method of printing in which the image is scanned and digitally enhanced on a computer to match the original fine art. The image is then sent to a high-resolution inkjet printer, which sprays millions of microscopic droplets of ink onto various substrates to create an image with smooth tonal gradation. The superior quality of these giclée prints are many times combined with the human touch of hand-embellishments to give a more powerful appeal among consumers that want the look of an original fine art image at a more affordable price.

Independent research has established that the pigment-based inks and archival media we use have achieved a level of performance that meets the high standards of the demanding fine-art market and exceeds the longevity of other processes. Testing indicates that the combination of inks and media we use can be expected to last from more than 100 years without fading even when displayed in well-illuminated environments.


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