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Hungarian-born American artist Gabor Szabo immigrated to the United States shortly after the Cold War.

Gabor’s childhood passion for drawing has evolved into a thought-provoking body of work that often reflects his perception of society. By taking on the role of the iconoclast, he questions the sense and purpose behind social structures and media hype.

One of his favorite subjects is the mutation of primeval spiritualism into the modern world’s complex yet superficial social order. His paintings are intended to create a dreamlike experience, marrying symbolism with his own spin on Dalian surrealism.

The artist’s work represents a blend of his rational perception of the world and his spiritual beliefs, in which the intellectual properties of a person, such as language, profession, and mental achievements are not new acquisitions but are components of the individual uncovered from the darkness.  Learning is a step by step discovery of what a person has always possessed, so there is nothing new, only the newly-discovered.

He's proud of his family ties to Attila Jozsef, one of the most important and well-known Hungarian poets during the surrealist movement of the '30s.
In contrast to the dynamic compositions and expressions of thought to be found in his oil paintings, Gabor also produces popular acrylic paintings. The serene subject matters of these acrylics have the opposite effect on the observer, quieting the mind and unwinding the viewer.


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