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Gabor Szabo and the Technical Cad team are proud to introduce the newest design direction in the world of small electronics accesories:

The Tough Cookie.

Our current product line is the result of systematic research into markets and design processes for cell phone cases and small electronic protectors.
We are looking for certified manufacturers to deliver the quality we envision.

Our business is not only to discover the newest trends in the retail market, but to assist the selected manufacturer to deliver supreme quality products to the retailers.

Custom-tailored arrangements of textures and materials such as plastic, silicone, leather, TPU, stainless steel inserts and carbon fiber patterns
are implemented to achieve a one-of-a-kind style.
This visual interaction of materials and shapes makes our product a pioneer in it's class.

Visionary, Fashionable, Tasteful and Functional

The integrated techniques of stitching, gluing, and riveting can be modified, interchanged or left out for certain styles to ensure a reasonable margin between manufacturing costs and wholesale prices.

By using the same molding system to achieve a variety of different looks, our designs will ease the manufacturing process and keep costs low while leaving flexibility for variety. Please see the sample images on the right.

Cut-outs are planned for some designs to get multiple looks from one mold. Combining color variety with cut-outs gives tremendous flexibility to accomodate customers’ needs. Please view the samples below.


One of our samples for the iPad shows its many faces.
A functional built in stand is one of the possible upgrades for this model.


Additional customization is achieved by the design of holsters, clip-on holders and stands to make the product even more aesthetically and functionally appealing to the general public. The most popular designs may be reinvented with the newest fashionable colors and modified for newly-released phones and electronic devices.

Tough Cookie not only stands for rugged looks, but for variety of style:

Sleek, sexy, elegant, sophisticated, sporty... 

These plans are constantly developed as we receive the specifications of the newest gadgets from the retailers.


The Tough Cookie product contains over one hundred visionary concepts available for review to the interested manufacturer or retailer upon request.

TechnicalCad owns this intellectual property; the logo, the characteristics, and style of the product line. Tough Cookie is available for licensing or purchase to retail chains and/or manufacturers. The design and utility patent rights and/or trademark can be purchased from TechnicalCad. Please feel free to contact Gabor Szabo with your questions at the following link, number or via e-mail.

Phone;(727) 840-7780



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