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I would like to express my gratitude to the Kossuth Foundation, BWI International Airport,
and the Maryland Department of Education organizing this art exhibit.
Special thanks to Yumi Hogan, First Lady of Maryland.


Six of my paintings were selected for this group art exhibit.
From left to right. Freedom, Hangin out, Pursuit of Happiness, Sea of Dreams, Tribute to Civil Rights, Waves of Hope



Washington Post's Art review from an earlier exhibit.
Like such precursors as Dali and Magritte, Gabor Szabo grounds his visual impossibilities in strict realism. “Lucid Dreams,” the Hungarian-bred American artist’s Waverly Street Gallery show, includes painstakingly painted people, animals and things, sometimes in the process of becoming something else: classical columns become human arms, a baby emerges from the core of a well-nibbled apple and a nude sports a CRT monitor for a head. Even Szabo’s “Abstract Fantasies,” which recall Futurism’s attempts to depict motion, are hard-edged and cleanly rendered.
In two paintings, the tips of eagles’ wings turn into ribbons. The image, more ceremonial than surrealistic, shows Szabo’s taste for the epic and theatrical. The show’s largest picture is an 11-foot wide portrait of Barack Obama, standing before a wall mural of Martin Luther King, Jr. that’s illuminated by a sunrise. Rather than showing the sly or even subversive eye of a surrealist, the painting reveals an unabashedly earnest vision.


Mark Jenkins

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